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September 7th
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Hi Kate!

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1h ago
Here are some pictures from yesterdays event! Hope you guys enjoy.

A Truly Personal Experience

The main takeaway from any orientation is the friendships you make along the way. We can use information about students interests or programs to place them in a Frosh Group with peers that share something in common.

Keep it Organized

Students wake up each morning to a neatly presented schedule of the activities being hosted throughout the day. Whether online or in-person, students can see all that’s happening on campus with one easy tap of a button

Seamless Connection

O-Week seamlessly connects students to their frosh groups and events. Post an update on your frosh group’s feed or join a remote event directly from the app. You can also get directions on how to get to the action if your event is in person.

In-App Messaging

O-Week offers both private and group messaging to make it easy to meet new people and ask questions. A group chat for each frosh group can be automatically created so there is no need to ask for everyone’s phone number.

Have Fun!

The best part of orientation is having fun with friends! O-Week provides some friendly competition between Frosh groups to encourage participation and keep things exciting. Ask us how we are expanding our leaderboard and trophy system to encourage participation.

Ready to go

Yes, we really did think of everything. O-Week is a fully built orientation platform that can be customized to suit your specific needs

Push Notifications

Almost all students have smartphones and are more responsive to notification alerts as opposed to emails

Mobile Optimized

Our expertise creates a fluid user-friendly experience for both iOS and Android

Show Your Sponsors

Brand O-Week to show your orientation’s partnered messages, logos, and advertising

Play it Safe

Student's can block and report other users  and we give you the option to restrict certain chat interactions

Secure User Data

User data is encrypted and stored in the country of your university or college

Customer Support

We are only a message away from answering any questions you may have or solving issues that arise during your orientation


Can I run a joint orientation?

Yes, O-Week allows for an entire school to use one app so users can look up and communicate with people enrolled in other orientations while still participating in their specific events

How much does it cost?

O-Week's price depends on the scale and scope of your orientation so contact us to get a demo and an estimation. We offer both lump sum and per student plans

Can you add this feature for us?

For the most part, yes! We are able to add or remove features based on your requirements and we offer special plans for highly customized apps

Give them what they want.

Let the students speak for themselves. Book a demo with us to see how we can elevate your orientation together.