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Multi Functional Campus Engagement

O-Week is the source of truth for all incoming students participating in their orientation program. We support running orientation virtually, showcasing campus groups, and hosting events. Contact us to learn more about how we can take your orientation experience to the next level.

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A Personal Experience

The main takeaway from any orientation is the friendships you make along the way. We can use information about a student's interests or program to place them in a Frosh Group with a balance of diversity and common interests.

A Clear Schedule

Students wake up each morning to a neatly presented schedule with the activities being hosted throughout the day. Whether online, or in person, students can see all that’s happening on campus with one easy tap of a button.

Have Fun!

The next best part of orientation is having fun with friends! O-Week provides some friendly competition between Frosh groups to encourage participation and keep things exciting.


Brand O-Week to show your partnered messages, logos, and direct advertising

Push Notifications

More than 95% of students use smart phones, making push alerts preferred to email.

Mobile Optimized

Our expertise is used to create a fluid user friendly experience for both iOS and Android.

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